9000maps Lawsuit Threat - EtQ - They ask for a favour and they complain 9 years later

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Randy said:
One thing I am seeing here is commitment to the "continue to beat the horse after it's dead" process :applause:
I agree. I'll delete-archive the thread tomorrow morning and we can get on with life here. If Mr. McCarty wants to sue, so be it.

Thread closed due to stupidity of continuing it.


The Facts Regarding the Misuse of EtQ's Intellectual Property

Jamie, attached is the Internet Archive Report for the site www.qs9000.com. It shows a post in 2000. This is after Marc contacted EtQ in 1999 regarding the product at which time he was well aware the product was revenue generating. Once again, we did not authorize the publishing of our entire product on Elsmar.

Randy, our attorney's original request of Marc was to remove the product... that was it (see the closing paragraph of the pdf Marc attached in the original post)... which Marc did and we applaud him for that. That should have been the end of it, but Marc then launched into this discussion. We had no choice but to share the facts.

CarolX, we are offering our free services in developing a form for the Cove. Based on this situation, we think the Cove should strongly consider reviewing the product downloads available on the site.

We appreciate your cooperation and wish you the best in all your endeavors.

Glenn McCarty
EtQ, Inc.



Captain Nice
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etqglenn said:
at which time he was well aware the product was revenue generating.
You confuse the issue again. You imply I in some way profited, which I did not.

It generated income for you, but not for me.

There were no ads on the pages. There was no link to my site, nor were there site headers or footers on any pages. I wasn't even accepting advertising back then. I made no money from, nor did I associate either myself or my web site with the html files involved. I in no way benefited from those pages. Your company did benefit through recommendations by myself and through people seeing them over the years.

Had those not been 'legacy' files from the early days, and if you came to me now and asked for those pages to be posted, I'd charge you for advertising.

And - your 'entire' product was not online. The html output of standard boilerplate templates were online (which called gif files which had the actual content), but we dealt with that aspect earlier.

But - Since we decided to close this off and archive it, and I'm tired of responding to you, I'm closing the thread to further posting. I'll leave it online tonight for anyone who wants to archive it.
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