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A 20 Hour Non-Stop Flight - (October 2019)


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I saw this on Bloomberg and was thinking back to the late 1970's when I was doing some traveling. I think the longest flight I did back then was a trip to Kenya, but it wasn't non-stop. It was just long taken as a whole. St. Lewis to NY, NY to Geneva, a third stop I don't remember, and finally Nairobi.

I think the longest non-stop I did was NY to Thailand back in 2007. Something like 12 hours or so. Flew over the N pole.

I did see a video, probably on Youtube - It was a guy who was doing some articles on long flights on expensive airlines. I forget the airlines, but it was something like Qatar to Amsterdam. He had a room with a door and all the amenities you could ask for including room service, recliner/bed, TV, etc., etc. Ah, to be rich...
Longest one I did (at least twice if I remember correctly) was from the US to Japan, 16 hours non-stop. It's totally boring - IF you manage to sleep (which I usually can't do) for like, 8 hours (which is somewhat impossible in a plane anyway unless you take heavy medicine), it's still only.....8 more hours? Cmon, why people can't simply invent teleporting? :p


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Did LAX to Doha, Qatar, earlier this year. 16 hours. Got lucky and had an empty seat next to me both ways. Did lots of research online and took all the sensible advice available. Watched three movies, several episodes of a TV series, ate two meals and snacks, read lots on my Kindle, kept hydrated, took disposable tooth brushes (wisps), TicTacs, Protein bars, wore compression socks and slept a couple of hours. Survived with no physical or mental disabilities, which was the goal.
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