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A Goal without a Plan is just an Idea ... or -

Jen Kirley

Quality and Auditing Expert
Staff member
Make it visual!
Put it in their language (whiteboard) and then they'll have to deal with it.
I work in a small company too. Once I did this it became more of a team effort and my time and effort was respected more.
I've heard it termed "herding cats" but I think it's more like herding squirrels because each one has some kernel we are trying to protect.

Lean "Tier boards" are used by some of my clients to establish, track and communicate status of projects and improvement proposals. It's visual, doesn't lose things (unless people pluck them off) and is easily maintained. Organizational ADHD is like weight loss: needs a goal, needs to be kept track of, needs some discipline and needs recognition of little progress wins as well as the big prize.

Tyler C

You are definitely not alone.

One of my favorite quotes is "It's futile to define a goal without defining the boundaries within with we can attempt to reach it." - from The Goal by Eli M. Goldratt.

I would recommend using the SMART goal format:
T-time bound

Goals and improvement ideas achieve more buy-in if they are filling a gap or solving a problem that causes others pain in their duties, so it is good to structure these ideas around specific issues.

Another concept from Eli M. Goldratt is that people act how they are measured. If you set a goal or improvement initiative, but can't measure the progress, people get away with not following through.

Setting goals that can't be achieved causes mental defeat and people are more hesitant to work on the next one.

You want the goal to be relevant to your quality objectives, mission and vision, etc. to increase buy-in.

If you don't set a time frame for the goal to be accomplished, it will never happen. Again, people act how they are measured.

I hope this helps. Good luck!
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