A mix of plastic and solid colorant - 'Gage' R&R on a process




I want to perform a R&R test on a process, the process is a mix of plastic and solid colorant this mix is performed on calender.
the step for this process are :
- to weigh granules of plastic
- to weigh granules of colorant
- Mix this granules on calender
- Press the blend
- cooling the plate
- measure the color on spectrophotometer.

The balance R&R is good (<10%)
The spectro R&R is < 15 %)

I want to know if this test is sense or not.



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If I understand what you're saying, the variability of the balance adds to the variability of the process. It measures the input materials.

The variability of the spectrophotometer is the measurement system variability you have. It's measuring the output of the process.

Whether the results make sense or not depends on what you or your customer needs. If you do a capability study on the material and it shows that you have a high capability of meeting requirements, then 15% R&R may be OK. If your capability is marginal, then 15% may be too much variability.

I hope I understood your question - I had to make a few assumptions in my answer...
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