A Moving story.....


Umang Vidyarthi

Yep. Consider, though, that the majority of these glurges are presented to us by personal acquaintances, like any good urban legend, and it includes details which appear to have been verified. (Typical email from "that guy" (the one who sends us all those forwarded emails about getting $100 rebates from Microsoft) because he wants to share the news.)

The story is a "feel good" tale which allows the reader/listener to share in the sense of being a "good guy."

Those of us who are professional cynics and curmudgeons are always suspicious. There is a story famously told about an editor at the old
Chicago News Bureau who told young reporters, "If your mother tells you she loves you, check it out with two independent sources."

Despite that, most of us don't question stories we WANT to be true.

How very true Wes!?! I admire your expertise in succinct description of things. :applause:

The feel good tale is absorbed by the 'good guy' who unsuspiciously becomes the fall guy or a transmitter. I too used to easily fall for 'good tales', ere I got educated on the cove.

Umang :D
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