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After reading some of the posts concerning depression and all other kinds of lifes ailments. It got me thinking of something I was once told. This prompted me to fill you in on this particular story, as I think that while most of us are juggling our available time with our jobs, sport and family, I think this story, in it's simplicity tells us quite a bit.

For those of you who have already heard it, please bear with me.

A professor walked into a university class one day holding a very large glass jar. He filled this large glass jar with big rocks. He then asked the class, "Is this glass jar full", to which they all shouted, YES!!. "this glass jar is not full", he replied and then proceeded to fill the gaps between the glass jar and the rock with fine gravel.

"Is this glass jar now full", he called out. Not to be outdone again the class responded, NO!!. "Correct", he replied and filled the glass jar even more by pouring sand between the cracks that was seperating the gravel and the rocks.

"Is this glass jar now full", he called out again. The class, now very wary of the result shouted NO!!. "Correct again" he replied, and proceeded to pour water in that was soaked up by the gravel and sand.

"This glass jar is now full", he shouted. "But can someone please tell us the moral of this experiment", he asked. After much deliberation, one of the students stood up and said, " I believe it means that no matter how full your schedule is, you can find some space to fit other things in as well", he replied.

"That is not correct", replied the professor. "What this experiment shows us, is that if you do not put the big things in first, you willneverfit them in at all

This means, in life, if one does not put the important things first, it is impossible to try and squeeze in some quality family time here and kids time there. We are all in a busy work schedule and pressure from others to produce the goods. If one does not take the time to realise what the truely important things are in your life....... is it all worth it in the end.

I hope some of you enjoyed this. I think it makes a lot of sense if one has to think about the permanent aspects of your life, and the fluctuating ones. Family is and always will be permanent. Jobs however, which often dictate to us how we treat our family are optional.

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Al Dyer

I have heard it before and it is a good topic that deserves retelling now and again.

Should this be in the Common Sense Poll??

Kevin Mader

One of THE Original Covers!
Perhaps you are right, Al. I like hearing this story from time to time to catch me in the moment. What was I doing at the time I heard it? Was what I was doing interfering with what is more important, or does it serve it in some fashion? Have I overlooked the obvious or only given superficial consideration to prioritizing things?

I think if we all spent a little more time thinking about things, we would develop better plans. Anyway, just thinking (or not) out loud...

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