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A purpose of a Stage 1 audit - Off site document review

I understood that a purpose of a Stage 1 audit was to perform a review of documentation, prior to the stage 2. Has anyone had an auditor request documents before the stage 1? I can't understand why any auditor would do that?


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I had an auditor ask for both internal audit and management review records once. Then she even went so far as to asking for product related records (tech file stuff). We told her those would be provided at the stage II and she capitulated.
Don't know of ISO9001, but it is a requirement of IATF16949 to submit documents such as Management review results, Internal audits, etc. prior to the stage-1 audit.
I also don't find any point in asking documents for offsite review for Stage-1. Purpose of a stage-1 audit itself is document review.


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Taken from ISO 17021..
"For most management systems, it is recommended that at least part of the stage 1 audit be carried out at the client's premises in order to achieve the objectives stated above."
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