A student with questions on TS 16949 vs. ISO 9001



A student with questions


I am a student at Purdue University majoring in Computer Integrated Manufacturing. Currently, I am taking a class on quality management. One of the topics we are discussing is TS 16949 and how it is different from ISO 9000. So I was wondering if any one could give me some specific information on the key differences needed for a company to move from ISO 9000 to TS 16949. Any help or links to pages with this type of information would be great.



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Hello Jeff. Welcome to the Cove!!

First, let me suggest that you use the Search feature here at the Cove to see if it brings up the kind of information you are looking for. My guess is this: you will probably get plenty of different tidbits, some in line with your question on comparison, plus a bunch of links to information that may be peripheral to your question, but that may lead to deeper understanding and insight.

The Cove is a great resource to the Novice as well as the Advanced. The key is in navigation of the Cove to get exactly what you want. If you have no success using the Search feature, post back here. There are plenty here that can help you solve your problem or answer your questions.

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Hi Jeff and welcome.

First, let's make sure we are talking apples to apples.

ISO 9000 is the International Standard covering Quality Management Systems - Fundamentals and Vocabulary.

ISO 9001 is the International Standard covering Quality Management Systems - Requirements.

TS 16949 is the new Automotive standard which includes ISO 9001 and considers ISO 9000 and ISO 9004 in its approach.

There is a current Automotive Standard titled QS-9000 which is normally considered when discussing a transition.

Just to get on the right track for responses, do you want to compare a transition of a company from QS to TS-16949, a transition from ISO 9001/9002 : 1994 to TS-16949, or from ISO 9000 : 2000 to TS-16949?

Sorry to throw in the confusion but I feel your clarification is needed if we are to give you some good input for your class.


Randy Stewart

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There are a lot of documents posted in the threads here. Look at the Gap Analysis forms I think they would be your best bet. The first question is Do you know what ISO 9000 was all about? If you don't understand what the IOS was trying to do then you won't really understand what the changes affect or why they were made. Having graduated from another BIG 10 School I have to throw this in -- GO BLUE --
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