A2LA has a Traceability Policy that was issued 08/2000


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Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2000 09:25:05 -0500 (EST)
From: Greg Gogates
Subject: A2LA Traceability Policy

Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2000 18:37:43 -0800
From: Thomas G Smith / Smith Corporate Metrology
To: Greg Gogates
Subject: A2LA Traceability Policy

Greetings from Rice Lake Wisconsin, where it is -17F and we are expecting 6 inches of snow tonight. I just wanted bring up a reoccurring issue I run into during assessments. As many know, We expect a compliant calibration certificate when we send our equipment to be calibrated. I receive many calls at my lab that ask if we are accredited, and that's where it usually ends. As we do have a large scope, we don't run into too many situations where we can't calibration a piece of equipment within our scope, but it does happen. We catch this in our contract review. which brings me to my point.

When you are going to send equipment out to a calibration service provider, and you are A2LA Accredited, A2LA has a Traceability Policy that was issued 08/2000. The old process of submitting a waiver has gone to the wayside.

When you send your equipment out, Specifically Request in writing (on your P.O.) that the provider provide a accredited calibration with uncertainty expressions for the reported measured values (if you are not using a national lab). Also state that all calibrations you have listed must be within their scope or notify you if they are going to subcontract the calibration to another accredited supplier. This action of being specific on your p.o. is preceded by your careful investigation of that provider (obtaining a copy of their scope and supplement), Obtaining a written Quote from the supplier and have them identify the items they can provide within their scope and looking for your self that the service you are requesting is within their scope and even a desk audit. (your process of approving providers will dictate the needed elements to follow).

In short, this brief reminder will save much adieu over traceability. This is not everything, just a short list of actions that could be taken when A2LA Test and Calibration labs use Calibration Suppliers.

Thomas G. Smith
a.k.a. The Duke
International Metrology Services
President / National Calibration and Testing Labs
A2LA Accredited Calibration, Site Calibration, Inspection
1-800-593-7617 / Fax 1-763-593-7620
A2LA Lead / Technical auditor
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