"Able Seaman" & "Skipper" Bars



Probably the most valuable "skills" learned at Tosebo for me were those in boating. I have had only a few opportunities to use those skills since camp, but have owned a share of a houseboat on Lake Powell in Southern Utah for the last few years.

I well remember (much better than my other owners!) all of the nautical terms ("Port," "Starboard," "Helm," etc.) as well as the various knots and their uses. I even do occaisional "Crown" and "Eye" splices! I can identify "Stays," "Halyards," "Painters," "Sheets," the "Tiller," "jibs and mainsails," and "gunwells." ("Rope" is "line!")

But the most important concept learned was the keeping things in their proper place! Every year, one of our owners will dangle a "line" over the side of our boat, and have it sucked into one of the jet drives! In our day, they'd surely lose their sailing privledges - and perhaps their activity honor!

Attaining the honor of "Skipper" was my proudest accomplishment in my three Tosebo years.
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"Gunwells"? They were Gunnells in my time. In 1952 the sailing counselor was Jack Alway from Ann Arbor-also was cabin 3 counselor. In '53 Ross Taylor may have been sailing counselor. In '54 and '55 Pearce Erb was sailing counselor. Pearce had been a Tosebo camper and was a teacher at Todd Seminary. Four years ago Pearce and Mary Erb lived at Walloon Lake MI. I have been unable to find a phone number or address for them so far.

Strong Bow

I'll side with George, although Websters has as his first spelling, 'gunwale' and then 'gunnel' I remember gunwale pumping races with canoes. Fun but dangerous if you slip. My sailing counselors were Tom Buck (60), Larry Vaughan (61), Steve Buck (64 & 65) What did Dave Buck teach in 60??



My book shows "Gunwale" as correct also, and my Spellchecker accepts it.

Remember, I came from a dysfunctional family, and we'll probably see a third spelling sometime in the future!

I can't remember the exact sailing counselors, but I sure remember Skip Sage "ruling the roost" at the Lake front. And fighting him off when practicing the swimming rescue! **** he was big!


Using an oar or canoe paddle to push off-by sticking it in the sand-was forbidden. The reason given was that the sand pushed into the end grain would cause the grain to 'explode' whatever that meant. The practice did make the end grain fuzzy-and wore the varnish or paint off the end of the blade. To this day I never push off with the oar or paddle and always hang them up-never leaving the blades resting on the ground. Looking back, we had pretty good training at Tosebo.
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