About companies that have failed a surveillance audit



My company is due for a surveillance audit in October and my boss is interested in presenting information to the crews -- horror stories, if you will -- about companies that have failed a surveillance.:eek: What percentage of business was lost? How many customer visits were necessary? Did the company ever recover?

Any information/ threads/ true stories would be helpful.



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I had a major client fail one a few years back and then didn't follow through on corrective actions so they technically failed the next one as well. That's when they called and said they "...sorta have a problem..." Bottom line it was a major company so the cert wasn't yanked. Their registrar gave them the old "...one more time and you're really gonna get it..." routine. They did shape up and did OK after that. They sold consumer items so sales wasn't affected nor was anything else.

Tell the employees the Boogey Man will come and get them if they're not good girls and boys. :D

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I don't know the entire situation at your facility, but I would have a problem with you boss trying to instill some "fear" into the workforce. They need to be told the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Most companies will receive a gig during a surv. audit. If the follow through is there and the corrective action effective it is no big deal.

If there is now follow-up, problems can occur which could lead to pulling of your certificate.

All employees should be trained in this and the Management Representative should be responsible (in most cases) for ensuring the lines of communication are open with the auditor and that corrective actions are taken.

When the corrective actions are closed out, congradulate the employees involved.

If it is rejected, try, try again. Most auditors are receptive to effor and communication.
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