About NB suspension and CE certificate validity


Ariel W

To the best of my knowledge:
Suspension of a NB allows the bearer of a CE/ISO certificate issued by such NB 12 months starting from the suspension date to assign a new NB. Failure to do so may revoke the CE/ISO certificate. According to the date you mentioned I believe the certificate is invalid unless a new NB has been selected.


Please see attached doc available from Team NB at the following link (broken link removed)
Thanks JOanne.... I have gone through this document.
From that doc you linked ...
What does this mean for manufacturers?
Where a notified body designation is suspended, the certificates issued to companies remain valid but cannot be changed or renewed during the suspension although in some cases suspension allows for renewal but not for additions or new certificates.
Here is renewed = annual surveillance ?
In our case the NB has communicated about his suspension, and its past 12 months since our last MDD assessment as well as the NB suspension date.
We have not heard anything further from the NB.
Is there some authentic doc which states that once suspended, the CE cert is valid for 18 months from the suspension date unless otherwise suspension lifted ... ?
And what are these "some cases" ... ?
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