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I am Roshan Gajeenkar, working as a QMS engineer. Our company is planning to obtain ISO 17025:2015 certification from NABL, the Indian accreditation board, for testing WIFI access points. I would appreciate guidance on how to proceed with the certification process. Should I seek help from an external consultant, or can I manage it through self-study using resources available online? Additionally, I need documentation related to implementing ISO 17025.

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Jen Kirley

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Welcome Roshan!

Knowing nothing about your existing QMS, this is a very difficult question to answer. Based on your question I get a sense your organization is not certified to any ISO standard now. Is that correct? If yes, then you do have a lot to learn. This site is as good starting place, as your question has been asked before and related threads can be referenced in the "Similar threads" section just below these posts.

There are a great many information sources. I see some documents and videos linked that you can reference at no cost. You will of course need a copy of the standard if you have not yet purchased one.

Getting a consultant would be the easiest I suppose, but how well would you understand your system if someone else does this work? It will need to be maintained, including audits, done either by your organization's personnel or some hired qualified person. Please review some of the linked materials and then return to us with questions that come to you during that review.
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