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About These "Legacy Blogs" - 19 November 2018


Captain Nice
Staff member
I have been reading through the Legacy Blogs which were imported from the old vBulletin forum. I can't say I have ever read through all that were posted, but as you know we do have several great ones.

As a history - vBulletin came out with a "Blog" "mod" some years ago, way back when blogs were becoming a thing. I think a lot of people started Wordpress Blogs, and, if I remember correctly, you could get a free blog from them. In fact, they do still do. There some "blogs" that have done well, and many that still are. But, hundreds of thousands of people started, and eventually abandoned "blogs". They found out that over time it takes a lot of time to write and to maintain a blog. I was doing a search today and came up with one that was essentially abandoned back around 2011.

It really was an error on my part buying that blog "mod", but I did. It confused many people who asked a question in their "blog" rather than navigating to the appropriate forum and starting a New Discussion Thread. None the less, we ended up with some classics here, e.g. Miner's Blog Series and Bob Doerings's Blog Series.

Essentially what we did was when migrating from vBulletin, Blogs and comments within them were imported into a "New" forum here as discussion threads.

Some of the posts here are kind of interesting as I read back through them. For example: Can something be done on these ?

Just thought I'd let everyone know what this forum is all about. In this forum, since it is "Legacy Blogs" I have disabled starting any new posts. There isn't a need. However, you can reply in existing blogs if you would like to.
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