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Happy long weekend everyone,

I work as Quality manager for a small machine shop(call it company 1).
We are currently changing to ISO 9001:2015 from 2008 with design excluded, and we do not wish to include design.
Our owner has just purchased another small company (company 2) that makes a machined product. Company 1 wants to produce and sell the product of company 2.
Company 2 does the design and company 1 will produce to their drawing.
The owner and plant manager/engineer of company 1 are the same as company 2.
Will this situation cause any issues with ISO?
What if the Plant manger /engineer gives any design help to company 2, is that acceptable as he works for company 2 as well or is there a conflict there?
I would appreciate any thoughts or guidance on finding additional information. Thank you, 4 Quality


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Common ownership and employees does not make company 2 part of the scope of the certification for company 1. If the machine shop doesn't do design, even if the engineer who designed it at company 2 also works for the machine shop, design should still be outside the scope of the certification.

In 2008 it was called an exclusion. In 2015 it's not applicable. Same thing with a different name.
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