Adding a Processing site to scope, shipping before certification?

Doug J

I think I know the answer to this, but would appreciate the opinions of the board.

We are currently IATF certified and are adding a processing site to one of our locations. The CB has been informed and the new site will be included in our recert audit coming up in October. However, the site will be up and running in June.

We completed an internal gap analysis audit and don't see any barriers to certification. I think we're fine to ship, but our Sales team is concerned about it.



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I am pretty certain you are ok. When doing your next audit planning form you will have to put the changes to your org. Since the prior surveillance audit. If you do not report that it could be a concern.

The IATF Rules, 5th Ed. I believe includes this on the IATF web page.

Everyone agree?


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Yes - this is fine. Remember, provides you the path to IATF certification. You are just progressing along the path.
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