Address Change - Medical Device Packaging Labelling Requirements


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Hi all :bigwave:
I have a question/problem...
The company I recently joined moved to new offices (B) in 2013 (5 years ago).
I just found out that not only they still place products on the market with their old address (A) printed on the packaging but also have some products purchased by 'sister' companies with the address (C) prior to the one they moved from in 2013!
We are paying to redirect the post from the address A to current address B but old address C doesn't have a re-direction in place.
I have researched this topic and can't find any guidance on how to manage address change on product labelling (class IIa and class I) and how long do we have before stock with old address is depleted and sold to end user? It has been 5 years and old stock is still available to buy. Are there any penalties for selling products with old address on? What are the timelines?Printed telephone numbers remain the same for all addresses.

HELP please :bonk: and :thanx:
Just to add more info.
I know it is a non-compliance because the address is incorrect.
To top it all off we have new artwork in place with correct address printed, it just hasn't been communicated and managed properly, I honestly couldn't believe when I discovered this.
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You are not alone, this was my first task. We are now down to the last artwork update.
As for the stock sat in the warehouse - it all had to be put through a re-work order and overlabelled with the correct address. A lot of time and effort so you need management onboard.

Good luck and stay mighty :)
I think it is one of those commercial decisions that affect small/medium companies that do not want the write off costs.

I am not sure there is a time limit. Although postal redirection is good to have in place, it would be hard to justify this being in place 5+ years (same position as us). If found at audit, there would then be a 30 day scamble to rectify or put a satisfactory plan in place to rectify, which might be less favoured, given the 5+ years.


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That's very true...we have one more part of the audit to go through (Quality management system) and we will start sorting all mess.
P.S. I have passed my Technical File audit, being with the company for 4 month only, I'm actually so proud! :rar:

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