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Advanced MSA of Continuous Data Part 2: Are 10 Parts Enough?


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This entry is short (for my part) because I ran across an EXCELLENT article by Minitab regarding the common usage of 10 parts for an R&R study. Having seen countless posts asking whether it is acceptable to use only 5 parts, I thought I would add the link to my blog for your perusal.

Minitab's Gauging Gage Part 1: Is 10 Parts Enough?

If you don't want to thoroughly read the article, the conclusion is that 10 parts are woefully inadequate. In fact, to acceptably estimate the process variation, you need (drum roll) 100 parts :jawdrop:. Minitab advises (correctly, in my opinion) that you should use an estimate of process variation from a capability study or from current SPC charts in place of that from the 10 parts.
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