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Advanced MSA of Continuous Data Part 4: How to Sample Parts


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Another fine article from Minitab on Gauging Gage Part 3: How to Sample Parts.

This article addresses a personal pet peeve of mine. I have seen many posts recommending these same bad practices. As with the three previous posts, Minitab has used the power of Monte Carlo simulation to illustrate why these practices are so bad.


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Always a chicken and the egg problem. The conversation seems to start after there is hsitory with the part, but that is not likely the case. Usually, you have a new part, new process...and you need a gage. Make a few parts, but any way to estimate the variation you will see over the life of the process? Oh, and when the designer measured parts to verify his design....what gage did he use? Would it "pass gage R&R"? If not, how much "better" of a gage do you need to make a part than the designer used to validate the design? Aspirin, anyone??
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