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Hello everyone, I am new here, I am excited.
I am doing certification for a company that has never been certified in order to receive ISO 9001:2015, the company in question works in software modeling in automotive, marine and precision agriculture. The operational processes were written in a generic formula, they could apply to any company, however I was looking for something that more closely describes the execution process for processing the software we produce. Is there a "best practice," for a SW development and validation process in an automation-automotive context? Because we program software for electrical control in a hybrid/electric car, as well as parts always related to automation functionality in the field of sports boats, we are also involved in smart agriculture, and we are developing a prototype for a surface treatment robot, like a sander for the hulls of large ships and can also paint large industrial walls.

Now that you know my context, what I ask is:
- How can I describe software production?
- What kind of KPIs can I use that can verify the state of well-being of the company?
The KPIs I have taken those pertaining to turnover, customers, number of projects, cross-referencing this data with each other denotes that the company since it has been open, has been growing continuously. I would like to have a KPI that is more adherent to software production.

This is my first job as an auditor, I have recently finished my studies but I have never approached this kind of company.

Thank you all for your attention
From Italy

Bye to all


Give us some more specifics on the automotive software company please.
1) Approximate employees
2) Are you going to take exception to any parts of the standard?
3) Do you have a clear scope of the QMS you are helping to define? Does it apply to all their software products? Do they have a large number of freelancers or are their software developers all employees? Do they outsource things like Software QA, sales, marketing, or software support helpdesk or is this all within the scope of the QMS.



1) about 7 in my office, in the other are 10
2) no, nlo exception, we are going to take a normal iso 9001 certification
3) _ No, I don't have a clear scope, please give me advice
_ the QMS cover all our project
_ only employees
_ nothing is outsourced, faccikamo everything in our offices

Bye and thanks

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