AIAG 4th ed. FMEA Manual "Fit" Changed to "Appearance" - Fit severity?


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The AIAG 3rd ed. FMEA manual gave relatively low severity rankings for "fit" items, but now in the 4th ed. it got changed to "Appearance". No mention of "fit" items any more.

What severity number would you give to a "fit" issue, such as a part not being able to be mounted on the car?


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I'd consider this as having several different possible "levels" of severity:

8 -- If the fit is so bad that the part can't be installed. Why? it fails totally in meeting the requirements of a downstream customer - the assembler. But, nobody is likely to die as a result.

Lower numbers - if the part can be installed, but doesn't meet objective standards. If, for example, there are defined tolerances for gaps on sheet metal. Lower yet if the part subjectively just "looks wrong". Consider the FMEA manual guidance on whether all customers would b***ch, or just the most discerning.

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If a part doesn't fit then the primary function or purpose of the part is not met. As per AIAG PFMEA-4 Table Cr1 and my opinion it clearly falls under rank 8. Possibly that's why AIAG removed the wording 'Fit' from Cr1 chart in PFMEA-3. Again this is only a AIAG suggested severity evaluation criteria. You can evaluate the customer effect and then choose the right rank for each case.
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