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AIAG PPAP: Acceptance Criteria for Initial Study (page 9, 4th edition)

Level 3 PPAP

Can somebody please explain "initial study'? Does this include annual PPAP where we submit Cpk? Does it include anytime a PPAP is submitted - that Cpk must be met not matter what?

My interpretation is that Cpk must be met and if the PPAP is going to be late because Cpk cannot be met then we must follow thru with " Unstable Processes"...corrective action on how we will fix it.
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Mr Skeleton

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It's just that, the initial study or could be series of studies demonstrating a stable and capable process relating normally relating to a special characteristic. The study could be of a product or a process characteristic as defined on the Control Plan and must use standard methods described in AIAG SPC manual. If you have long term data, because the process is established (if I was the customer), I'd take that over any short term "initial study". So check with your customer representative if in doubt. Acceptance criteria for (Cpk and/or Ppk )are recommended in the AIAG PPAP book but should be confirmed by your customer.
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