AIAG PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) Manual Fourth Edition Released

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I understand that a Fourth Edition to the PPAP Manual is about to be released. Anyone care to comment?

Jay Sturgeon
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JaySturgeon said:
I understand that a Fourth Edition to the PPAP Manual is about to be released. Anyone care to comment?

Jay Sturgeon
Since we don't actually have a copy yet, I guess I'll wait to get one. :biglaugh:

Jay do you know what they've changed? We don't submit to often, so at the moment I don't care much...


May Be Hear Say


I heard it from a consultant.

He referenced a brochure he received from AIAG for a conference (Auto Tech) coming up in August I went to the site: and found the brochure. On page 8 for Thursday 8/28/03 it has under (Quality) an "Update on PPAP Fourth Edition" listed. That is all I know. I was wondering if anyone had heard anything about this.



Howard Atkins

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I tried searching the AIAG site and the only reference I found was

The T&HE (Truck and Heavy Equipment Group Quality Work Group ) Specific Section within the upcoming Fourth Edition PPAP will need to be addressed with changes and additions. They are specific to how T&HE OEMs and their suppliers work with PPAP. The Quality Work Group of the Truck & Heavy Equipment Group will be working on changes and additions to the T&HE Specific Section to be included in the Fourth Edition PPAP Manual.
Has anyone any more info, search better than me.

Al Dyer


Along the same lines and behind the 8-ball as usaul, but I can't find any info on the Chrysler PSO Manual 4th Edition. Can anybody give me some tips? I was at the website but I don't have the proper access to get to the free documents.

Any help will be generously rewarded :biglaugh:



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The summer/fall edition of Automotive Excellence says the PPAP 4th edition is expected to come out in Q2 of 2004.


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They have a nice future status report:
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