AIAG-VDA PFMEA - 1st special Characteristics? [5step vs. 6step]


AIAG-VDA PFMEA 1st What is the difference between 5STEP special Characteristics and 6STEP special Characteristics?
Does this mean that we can remove the extraordinary properties through optimization activities?


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For some customers is valid through design changes, improve the severity of a specific failure mode, this could let you to regrade a characteristic from special to common. Another example is when the customer tied the designation of the special characteristics to a combination of severity and ocurrence. In this case you can improve your preventive controls to reduce the ocurrence and regrade the characteristic as well.
Of course, this criteria must be in writing in a Customer Specific Requirement document. As an example I can metioning the SCCAF Handbook and the FMEA Handbook both documents from FORD.


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I am familiar with use of special characteristics, in general.

Sorry, I should have answered that I didn't find an explanation or instruction for it in the AIAG & VDA Handbook for Failure Mode Effects and Analysis.
I have reviewed the whole book and the errata sheet version two and see no explanation for the special characteristics or when to use them.

My guess is that it's in there to align with the control plans.
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