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AIAG's APQP Package Checklists: What is Required?



Internal argument going on at our plant.....

Is it required by QS to fill out the Checklists that are in AIAG's APQP package?? Or are these just for your own use to make sure you've covered everything. Can you be wrote up for not doing them??? Thanks guys.

Bill Ryan - 2007

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We have one customer that demands the use of the AIAG checklists. Every other customer of ours has their own methodology and checklists. FWIW - more and more the AIAG manuals seem to be a baseline and each customer adds/subtracts their own quircks. To address your question - NO, there is no "QS" or "TS" requirement "thou shall use" the checklists - they are only a guideline. The bottom line is clear communication between you and each of your customers as to what they require.

Personnaly, I use the AIAG checklists. They seem to hit on most of the key things WE need to do in the Product Realization process. Some of our customers' checklists are very "lacking" in my eyes (however, by using AIAG it is very easy to "transfer stuff" to the customer's format - another wonderfully value added excersize :rolleyes: ).

Hope that helps some.



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if you are using the checklists, I think you are doing a very thorough job of APQP.

If you look on page 16 of the PPAP-3 you should see a list of retention/submission requirements for different part submission levels. The only checklist required there is for bulk material only, a checklist as opposed to measurement/test results.

I don't know if anyone has been audited to these standards AIAG has set forth. I see many customers using their own protocols based on the AIAG standards, as noted by Bill Ryan. These companies are TS-16949 registered.

I'm sure you could improve upon your use of the APQP checklists by perhaps editing them to be more suitable to your processes. Perhaps there are some things that do not apply to you that can be eliminated and maybe some things your organization would wish to add.

I would add to it rather than take it away, but personalize the tool.

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