AIAG's PPAP 3rd edition vs. PPAP 2nd edition




I´m using the PPAP 2nd edition, and I´m needing the changes between the 3er edition and 2nd edition. Please, your help is very apreciated.

Thanks in advance
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Get a copy of the 3rd edition. Knowing the difference is not good enough. Come audit time, you must have the current revision.

That said, "Third edition incorporates a number of revisions which include:

Use of "auditable" language and a format consistent with QS-9000 to support thitd party auditing;

A reordering of the PPAP requirements aligned with the typical process flow;

Revision of "Preliminary Process Capability Requirements", now called "Initial Process Studies", to provide for the use of either Cpk or Ppk, depending on the amount and type of data available, consistent with our Statistical Process Control reference manual;

Clarification of when customer notification and/or submission is required;

The prior IASG QS-9000 Sanctioned Interpretations specific to PPAP;

A Truck OEM-Specific Instructions;

Requirements for bulk material, including a Bulk Material-Specific Appendix;

Tire Industry-Specific Appendix;

An enhanced glossery of terms."

The above is quoted from the forward to the third edition.


Al Dyer

Although not a total fan of either, since the big 3 have their own requirement, I believe the third edition is an improvement. Any type of clarification is appreciated.:D
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