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AIDS Puzzle Solved By Computer Gamers


Captain Nice
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I've been reading about this around the web. As a biology major *way* back in the 1970's I remember the state of understanding about viruses at the time and what was known about how they worked. There was some 3-D info back then but it was rudimentary and as far as I remember most, if not all, was theoretical (that was a *long* time ago - I'm claiming "Old Timers Disease with respect to what I remember).

Anyway - I had to choose between quite a few sources to cite for more details. Here are two:

AIDS Puzzle Solved By Computer Gamers

Computer gamers solve problem in AIDS research that puzzled scientists for years

True Position

I cant determine how gamers has made a way to solve a long-time mystery of aids.
The researchers created a video game simulation of protein folding and allowed anybody to try and figure out the shape of a key aids molecule. Humans are currently better then computers at solving problems like this and the people playing the game functioned as a large distributed supercomputer that is unusually skilled at 3d rotation.

Amazon's Mechanical Turk is a similar 'for profit' idea.
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