AIs the R&R study a training evidence considered ?



Dear friends,
I had a debate with by boss regarding involving the people which are using measurement devices, in the MSA studies. In my opinion our quality operators (auditors, controllers) which are currently working with the measurement devices (based on their daily work); shall perform R&R studies. For this reason all our new employees in the quality department, were involved in the R&R study as a training evidence of adequate using of measurement equipment. In my boss opinion, if our employees have only a proof that they have been trained how to use a specific measurement device based on a work instruction is pretty enough, and for this reason we need R&R study but not all our operator should be involved. Based on this assumption we can have quality operators which never been involved in R&R study during entirely their working period. Please advise: is the R&R study an evidence of correct using a device or it is enough a simple training? All our quality operators should be involved in this over the time and should be a part of this process?
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The two are separate aspects.

A training record simply shows that you have gone through the effort of providing a certain body of knowledge to someone. Unfortunately it does not mean that that person comprehended said training or was able to put it to use.

Having that person perform a satisfactory R&R study demonstrates competency. This means that the person is able to perform the task well regardless of whether they have received formal training.


To which reference manuals or standard should I connect this requirement ? For me it is very logical and accepted but if I have to argue based on a specific requirement in order to be accepted otherwise it is considered by others anly my personal opinion and of course rejected. Thank you.
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