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Definition ALL Personnel - Training issues - What is the Definition of ALL Personnel?



Im new to this forum and after reading many of the question and responses, I could not see information on a question we have here.

Under the element 4.18 training, the standard covers ALL PERSONNEL.

My question is, in the definition of ALL PERSONNEL, does this also include Temporary and Contract employees we have here ?

Our HR dept. gives all new employees ISO Orientation training and HR tends to think temporary and contract employees are exempt from this ISO orietation training when this person starts. I believe they they should get the same as all employees.

Your comments would be most helpful.

Thanks, Bryan

Don Winton

My question is, in the definition of ALL PERSONNEL, does this also include Temporary and Contract employees we have here?

Clause 4.18 states:

The supplier shall establish and maintain documented procedures for identifying training needs and provide for the training of all personnel performing activities affecting quality.

The key words here are identifying training needs. You could, then, identify the training needs of Temporary and Contract employees as any level you want. However, I would suggest, as a minimum, they be trained in the quality plan and quality policy. But, you do not have to do that if you choose not to. For example, your level two procedure could state "Temporary and Contract employees are trained only on tasks that are performed by them that directly affect quality" or something to that effect.

For compliance purposes, keep in mind that the range and detail of the procedures that form part of the quality system depend on the complexity of the work, the methods used, and the skills and training needed by personnel involved in carrying out the activity (Clause 4.2.2).


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I work mainly in the compliance realm and I can tell you that if an employer is told that "all employees must be" then that means everyone including the top dogs, temps, janitors and sub-contractors.

If someone draws money from you for services rendered as an "employee" ( exceptions, i.e. auditors, consultants, the guy for the candy machine in the hall) then they should be trained to the level of their effect on the system.

David Guffey

The key is to identify any and all persons doing work affecting quality (and I would suggest the easiest way is to presume everyone affects quality). Once there, identify what they need to be trained in. Do NOT over complicate the effort. As was mentioned above, maybe just the quality overview is needed. That's what the needs assessment is for.
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