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All shifts at surveillance audit? Appendix H, point 5, page 109 QSR 3rd Edition



Can anyone help me?
Last week we had a surveillance audit (PA4: QS9000 and PA1: VDA 6.1) and it was a witness audit too. Normally a surveillace audit always covers two shifts (we have a three shifts system). Now the Accreditation Body has said, after closing the audit, that he isn't quite sure if the audit is really closed because of not all the shifts are audited. Regards to Appendix H, point 5, page 109 QSR 3rd Edition he is right. But our Certification Body said that there is another point in one of the Appendixes which state that they don't have to audit all the shifts every surveillance audit.
Does anyone know what they mean with that?

Al Dyer

I looked but could not find any other interpretations but bear with my thoughts.

A company that is committed to the system and improving the system would be comfortable with and probably expect that all shifts be audited (Internal & External). It sounds as if your company fits this description.

I would be more concerned that your accrediting body (registrar?) "isn't quite sure". That should send up a red flag to me that I might need to review my committment to the accreditation body (registrar?)

I am currently investigating registrars for a company and would appreciate (if you feel comfortable with it) an email response so we could discuss this further.


I would be wondering
The registrars that I have worked with require all three shifts to be audited during a surveillance audit. (BVQI and Perry Johnson). It may be only one or two elements at random, but at least each shift is included.

Ken K

Our auditor was here for 3 days this past September. One day he spent on first shift, one day on first/second shift, and one day on third/first shift. This was our tenth audit and the second time they have done this. It does make sense to me to include all shifts in a audit. That way everyone in the company can feel involved in the process.
QSR 3rd Ed, Appendix H, para 5;

"Each Audit shall include auditing all shifts. If weekend crews are dedicated and non-rotating,then auditing of the weekend shift is required."

This is a note pertaining to Table A which includes initial audits and surveillance audits.

QSR 3rd Ed Appendix B, Para 7;

"It is permissible for each surveillance audit to re-exam part of the system so that the equivalent of a total reassessment is completed within each three year cycle."
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