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I am a follower of Marc Smith's Cove. In my opinion, it is one of the best "quality" sites on the net. Of course, the Forum "" was of great interest to me. Be the comments good or bad, it is always a good thing to hear how others view yourself. Kinda helps keep me humble.

I wasn't aware that you were the same Al Dyer that subscribed back in November. My address for you is in Apple Creek OH. You posts indicate Lapeer MI. Guess that threw me off. Anyway, I have a couple of tough questions for you. Perhaps the questions aren't tough, but I do want your honest opinion.

1. Are you still reading the newsletter?
2. Does it upset you that you were never billed?
3. Do you think the newsletter is worth $9.00?

I really would appreciate your response. I have thought about responding to the forum, but I don't really want anyone to know the editor of the newsletter is monitoring. They will be more candid if they don't know.

Thanks, and also thanks for moderating Forums at the Cove!

David Bradley
Ruth Ellen Carey Communications
The Manufacturing and Industrial Resource Center

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