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Ammeter calibration - Measuring head (on pic.) problem


I have ammeter of current through the battery, and I need to calibrate its measuring head (on pic.)
But I don`t know what does it means "(150-0.06 x 6)mV" (on pic.). What voltage is equal of total deviation of arrow? :unsure:
This measuring device made in Finland.

Please, help me :rolleyes:
This appears to be an EN60051 Class 1.5 meter, which means the basic accuracy is ± 1.5% of reading.
I am guessing on the rest, but it looks like this is a 150 mV movement, meaning that the output from the external current shunt is 150 mV full scale. The typical standard values of the shunt output for these meters is either 60 mV or 150 mV.
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