AMS 2750E Sensitivity Requirements Field Test Instrument



A have a field test instrument (fluke meter) that I use on a Class 5 furnace to perform the SATs. Section says we have to check sensitivity and points to Table 3 note 4. That note in Table 3 only applies to control, monitoring, or recording instruments.

Can someone help clarify if I need to check sensitivity on a field test instrument during calibration? If so, do I default to the Class of furnace I am using it on (e.g. class 5 requirements)?


It does not to me seem to be a requirement that the field test device for performing your SAT tests would be required to be tested for sensitivity as the devices that are permanently controlling , monitoring and recording your oven. It seems to me that any device that would meet the resolution and accuracy requirement for performing the SAT would certainly meet the sensitivity requirement by default.


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Section 3.2.5 is for instruments, not Field Test Instruments.
Field Test Instruments do not have the sensitivity test requirement.

Just be careful that your Field Test Instrument has a calibration interval of 3 months or less, and that the standards used to calibrate it do not have cycles greater than 12 months. I've been burned by that before!
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