AMS 2750E System Accuracy Test (SAT) Frequency


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Hello All,

I'm seeking clarification on AMS 2750E's SAT frequency requirement (Section 3.4.3 and Table 6 - Parts Furnace Class).

This table indicates that a normal SAT interval, let's say for a class 3 - Type B furnace, is monthly.

What is the industry accepted interpretation of this frequency? One might say that "Monthly" is to be interpreted as a 30-day interval. Another might say that this is interpreted as month-to-month, i.e. if a SAT is performed on the first, the next due date can be pushed to end of the following month.

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A quick "Bump". My Thanks in advance to anyone who can help with this unanswered question. And, should you be browsing threads and find this one, and it still has no reply, if you can help we will all appreciate it.


A little late for answer, anyway...monthly means 1 month between tests.
For reference AMS2750 rev E, Para 2.2.25
2.2.25 INTERVAL: The calendar time between 2 tests or calibrations. Examples include: week or weekly requires the due date is the same day in the following week – a span of 7 calendar days; month or monthly to indicate the next test occurs on the same numerical day in the following month. If the monthly test is performed on the 31st day of a month followed by a month with 30 days, the due date is the last day of the following month (similar for tests on January 29-31 – the due date is the last day of the following month. Same definitions apply to the bi-weekly, quarterly, semiannual and annual intervals.


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Absolutely no worries @Sorin. You've hit the mark, right there. The language is quite explicit under the section you referenced.

@Marc, thanks for the bump. Looks like Sorin has provided us a solid answer.

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