An apology


Al Dyer

To all,

Lately I have been under some stress and wish to apoligize to anyone that thought that my posts were short and unkind.

I have always prided myself in answering quesions and posting, but in the last few weeks I have been less than that.

Am I going through a mid-life process?:)
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Jim Biz

Hi Al - I for one have not observed anything you have posted that was short & unkind....

OFTEN short is good - & every once in awhile unkind is nothing but truth.

Mid life process ??? - if that's the case - I go thru one of those about 3 weeks before every External audit :eek:

?? Do you remember if the benchmarking links we talked about awhile back had any information on "how much" training is considered "Normal" for a company with 185 or so employees?

So many variables - but my Mgt folks seemed to have an interest.



No apology needed here. I haven't noticed anything either. You are one of the most reliable posters here. I always enjoy reading your advice and comments.

Sorry I can't remember if there is anything in mid-life that would cause anything like you mention. It has been way too long ago.



Fully vaccinated are you?
I don't see this as an issue. There have been no specific complaints. As I'm sure you remember I shut the board down - what - 2 weeks ago - for a day or two over a mis-interpretation on my part which amounted to a temper tantrum on my part. I called my doctor - a friend - we discussed - he prescribed Valium for 'a while'. You should see my smile now! :D

Sometimes life is a bitch - and then the sun comes out again and it's history. Now - back to 'business'!

Michael T

Hi Al,

I certainly haven't noticed anything that might require an apology. I can surely sympathise with being short though...
I picked this week to quit smoking and I've had to keep a very tight reign on my tounge and my fingers... in more ways than one. :D

Have a great weekend!!



E Wall

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AL - Watz up Bud? Are you looking for compliments or trying to stir up trubble? *grin* :D just kidding of course!

I certainly haven't taken anything personally or noticed any abruptness, but then folks tell me I'm too honest/diretct/with no 'sense' of office politic maneuvering. Oh well, that's why I'll stay a company grunt I guess - unless I get lucky with another company offer or go off on my own...

Michael...good luck getting of the sticks man!

Michael T

Thanks Marc & Eileen....

I feel like this guy.... :eek: and am really trying to maintain a modicum of civility.... (Just don't ask my wife - I think she's ready to throw the smokes at me... *wink*)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!




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Heeeeeeeeey Al,
I was a cop in Arkansas, a Grunt in the Marines and an Army SF type...I have no feelings to offend.:D

If the time ever comes that you or anyone else needs someone to vent to, or throw a fit at, pick me. At times I find it sensually pleasing to be ground zero.;)

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