An Implementation Plan for a New Computer System


Fire Girl

My company is sort of in the process of implementing a new computer system. It is not going very well. But that's another story.

My real concern is that I think need a documented plan of some sort. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? The last company I worked for, we had some sort of an implementation plan but I can't remember much about. Any thoughts?

David Mullins

Fire Girl? (Hmmmm)

I believe you are referring to a project management plan.

I have an example for computer system implementation if you're interested. My guess is it may already be too late.

You have to start with knowing what you want, and you don't sound confident that you company has done this before diving in.

Let me know.




This year my company will under go a business system change. I was wondering if I can get that document from you? My email is [email protected]. Thanks.

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