Annual Gage and Part Layout - Is this a requirement?



I have had more customers (all Tier 2) tell me this and that requirement is in the QS requirements. None of which is ever true.

I now have a customer telling me that annual gage and part layout is a QS 9000 requirement.

This time I need some help. As I recall, this is customer specific and Chrysler requires annual part layout. I do not remember any mention of gages. That would be set up under your frequency of re-certification I would think.

Can anyone tell me if in fact there is a requirement for annual part layout.




Howard Atkins

Forum Administrator
The QS requirement is customer specific.
Layout Inspection and Functional Testing -​
A layout inspection and a functional verification (to applicable customer​
engineering material and performance standards) shall be performed​
for all products at a frequency established by the customer (see Section​
II). Results shall be available for customer review.​
Apart for initial submission of gauges I don't remember any annual check.
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