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I am currently in the process of going through my first PPAP. My customer is asking me to provide an "Annual Layout at the bottom of the Control Plan". I'm currently struggling with the Control Plan and not sure what an annual layout is referring to? I'm assuming it has to do with a facility layout, but I'm not quite sure. Could anyone provide any tips or advice in regards to this?

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Re: Annual Layout requirements for PPAP/Control Plan?

In most cases an annual layout would mean a full inspection to print.

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Re: Annual Layout requirements for PPAP/Control Plan?

It's referring to Layout Inspection (not your facility). If you've never done a layout inspection, search the cove or online and you'll find some helpful tips.


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Re: Annual Layout requirements for PPAP/Control Plan?

The rationale behind this requirement is to stay ahead of dimensional changes due to tooling wear, process changes, supplier changes, etc.


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Annual layout addresses dimensional verification and material certification and is not as extensive as a PPAP. Annual validation should be addressed in your control plan as a customer specific requirement. This is to validate that nothing has changed since PPAP has approved.


I am currently struggling to reflect the annual layout inspection in our control plan :(
I don't know how. I can't find an excel sample here. Anyone can help? I'm a newbie.


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Can you share your current control plan? This may help get responses....please also share any specifics of the annual layout, or any CSR customer specific requirements...optomist1
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