Another ethical breach. Toyota this time.

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And yet another high profile ethical breach. Can hardly wait for the ISO standards on corporate governance to be enforced. :sarcasm:


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Is this similar to the volkswagon issue a few years ago? Oh wait I reread the article. This is not emissions cheating but direct safety testing? Yikes


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Per the article, multiple car manufactures say "None of the violations affect the vehicles’ safety.". I am curious, why would I believe a company about the safety of a vehicle when they got caught falsifying safety certifications? I know history proves me wrong time and time again, but I would like to think at some point people would really stop believing the corporate double talk (sigh, one of these days I will not be so wrong).

Slightly off topic: Boeing Exec: "We are going to transform our company culture to one of safety." Boeing Exec is startled looking at a door flying through the air: "Please don't look at the doors that just blew off the plane".


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Fraud is fraud regardless of degree, yet there (from what is shown above) are some profound differences vis a vis VW and Toyota...due to the deeply ingrained culture of misplaced arrogance and greed discovered at VW, the Feds placed an in-house baby sitter...aka an agent of change at VW Corp, this person may still be in place.

Strangely enough, I purchased a VW product (not affected by the Diesel-gate scandal)...and to this day the VW Service manager believes VW was wrongly tarred and feathered in the public square....loosely quoted..."VW really wasn't cheating, it was not premeditated...etc"
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