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Another Tosebo Camper Surfaces!


Captain Nice
Staff member
Another Tosebo Camper!

Ya never know who will show up! From a recent e-mail:
My God, I've been spending way too much time on the internet! Found myself in a 1961 Camp Tosebo picture, the only summer I ventured to Manistee, although my brother was there a year earlier. What's more interesting, though is that I was born in Middletown, Ohio, raised in Hamilton and spent many other summers as a camper, and counselor at Camp Campbell Gard. I remember canoeing upto Lesourdsville Lake amusement park, and your residence must be close to all those memories from my youth. As I recall, most of the campers were Chicagoland and/or Indiana boys.

Dick Bussert-Tosebo '61

Strong Bow

3 cheers for GOOGLE

After all the old campers I've tracked down, it's nice to see one found us. I remember Dick Bussert, but not his brother. Dick was maybe a year or two younger than me, though now we're old enough that it doesn't matter. Have you got any contact info so I can add him to our directory?

Dave Wallace 60,61,64,65,67
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