Another year - still happy!

Wes Bucey

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So, another year has passed and I've added more candles to my cake and notches to my belt. Oddly, an antique such as I still gets speaking gigs. I often wonder if they come just to see whether I can stay on my feet during a 45 minute keynote.

I'm grateful to the Cove, its administrators, and, especially, the regulars and visitors who keep reading and commenting on posts I've made over the last 13 years.

I find I've mellowed quite a bit in those 13 years. Some of my early posts were "strident." Reading back through the years, I can see the trend toward kindness and away from condescension. Part of that mellowness comes from having lost many friends and colleagues who had allowed frustration with boneheaded bosses and clueless coworkers to turn them into bitter old men and women who had few to mourn them when they died.

Years and years of consulting and advising organizations in many different industries has reinforced my Demingite thinking:
A System of Profound Knowledge can be a key factor in the success of an organization, but it is the absolutely essential building block for success as an individual. The individual who makes a continual effort to gain a holistic and profound knowledge about everything in his world fits Darwin's thesis that evolutionary success favors the most adaptable creatures, not the strongest or most beautiful.

I'm celebrating the day with new computers and smart phone and a birthday banquet at my favorite restaurant with family and friends. My next challenge: avoiding "smart phone addiction."


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My next challenge: avoiding "smart phone addiction."

<read in a hypnotist's voice> Don't avoid it, embrace the addiction. Let it control you, you know you will fall eventually. Why fight it? The phone is everything, pull it out every 5 minutes to look at it. Pull it out in the middle of a conversation with people and read old e-mails, you know you want to. <Back to normal Voice>

Congratulations on another year.


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Happy B-day, Wes, and thank you so much for all your help.

Yeah, I tell my coworkers that QA has killed stronger men than me - you definitely need to focus on an appropriate outlook. Thanks for that reminder.


Fully vaccinated are you?
You're still stopping by here after all these years! :braincloud:

We've seen you lurking about... :popcorn:

Happy Birthday Wes.
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