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Any advice for a young quality professional in the aerospace industry?

Bev D

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All good advice so far.

I would also suggest reading the following books and keeping them in your library.

Steiner, Stefan H., MacKay, R. Jock, Statistical Engineering: An Algorithm for Reducing Variation in Manufacturing Processes, ASQ Quality Press, 2005.

Ott, Ellis R., Schilling, Edward G., Process Quality Control, Second Edition, McGraw-Hill, 1975 (pay particular attention to the 'case studies'...)

Moen, Ronald D., Nolan, Thomas, W., Provost, Lloyd P., “Quality Improvement through Planned Experimentation” 2nd Edition, McGraw-Hill, 1999

Traver, Robert W., Industrial Problem Solving - Isolating the Key Variables, First Edition, Hitchcock Publishing, 1989

Kida, Thomas, Don’t Believe Everything You Think, Prometheus Books, 2006

I have also attached a list of articles that I have found to be particularly helpful over the years - there are a lot of them but you have time and at some point you will no doubt encounter situations that are covered by the articles...


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