Any advice or suggestions for a new entrant in ISO 14001?


Uteesh Dhar - 2006

Hi Seniors!

Any advice or suggestions for a new entrant in ISO 14001??



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Sure Uteesh,

Review all the topics in the ISO 14001 Forum and come here often. Feel free to join in any time you wish.


Uteesh Dhar - 2006

Thought I will tell you about our progress regarding EMS.
We have established a environmental policy, a bunch of procedures addressing all clauses of ISO 14001, and of course environmental manual too.

One question here.

What are the very effective methods of internal communication in an organisation apart from regulars like memos, meetings etc.?

Uteesh Dhar

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Ask yourself if the people in your organisation understand the policy and objectives, which procedures/processes they must follow and what will happen (environmentally) if they don't, and how to handle emergency situations. If they (all) do understand these things then your system should record what communication causes them to understand these things. If they don't, then it's time for some new planning on how you wish to manage communication.

Hope this helps, Al.
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