Any experience with the SME/AME/Shingo/ASQ Lean BOK/Certifications?


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Does anyone out there have experience with the series of Lean certifications (Bronze/Silver/Gold) offered by AME/SME/Shinto/ASQ and their underlying Body Of Knowledge (BOK)?

I'm thinking of going in that direction and looking for the merits of their program and if there is any respect for it in the community? I'd appreciate anyone's experience at any level: understanding the BOK; going for certification; deploying your knowledge; working with/for/hiring those with the certifications; etc?



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I have not had experience with any of these 'certifications'. So I can 't speak directly to their value. I have however, trained and hired people with lean or TPS expertise/experience/training.

In my experience, learning lean through a company supported program as part of a company deployment or standard practice is the best way to 'learn lean'. Classroom learning and taking a test are OK as a start! but there is nothing that replaces practicing the methods in real life under the guidance of a highly experience coach is the best way to move from remembering to pass a test to a deep understanding, knowledge and ability.

So if your company is not actively deploying or already an established lean company, then these certifications will give you a start - but to be truly helpful to you, you will need to join a company that is actively pursuing lean as a company culture....
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