Any future for someone working as Lead Quality right these days?



Greetings to all Coveites!

I have been working as Lead quality in a company at Hyderabad in India since 20th November, 2013.My responsibility is conducting Internal Audits and MRMs quarterly.

I Being a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering, find I haven't been doing any work relevant to my academic credentials.

Now, I wonder,if I continue to work as Lead Quality for a couple of years here in the same company, what will be my job prospects two years further down the line?Is there really at all any future for me in Quality or shall I opt for other avenues especially Software and IT? Please enlighten me on this topic.

The company I work for has almost 100 employees and we deal with Digital Display Boards for showing the status of trains arrival and departure and Indian Railway is our coveted customer. Besides this,we deal with Integrated Passenger Information System( IPIS) for the railway industry in India.We have almost five different products catering to the needs of Indian Railway Industry.Hope this gives you people a clear idea of what I have been actually into.

Wishing a 'Happy & prosperous New Year 2014' to you and your near and dear ones,

With warm regards,
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I write a LOT about careers - how to get a job, how to get a raise, how to change jobs, how to change career paths, how to change industries, etc.

Every topic, though, ultimately is based on the candidate doing one thing well: RESEARCH!

Research the industry, research the companies, research the individuals who make the decisions, research what successful people in your chosen field have done in their lives and careers to achieve that success.

So, in a simple start, look within your own company at what job YOU would like to have. How did the current incumbent get there? How are you like him/her? How are you different? Is the time and effort to attain the position worthy of the ultimate reward (pay and status?)

In another thread (SAM), I discuss creating a Skills Assessment Matrix (SAM) to help a candidate organize his thinking about his career path. It's not a ten-minute exercise. It takes, time, dedication, and RESEARCH to create a worthwhile SAM, but once you do, you will have an easier time in developing goals and achieving them.


Wow - sounds like a great company to work for! I agree with Mr. Bucey. If possible learn about (and take courses in) many of the opportunities at your company that interest you, so that it will be possible to move to another job internally if you ever want/need to. Even though your degree is in CS and Eng it does not mean that you have to be a programmer/designer. There are many other positions available where you may find yourself using the logical thinking you had to apply to your studies - such as quality management.

The world of CS changes so quickly! You may need to keep up-to-date using online classes, etc... in case you want to go back to it in the future. I do believe there is a future for you in quality as well if you want it, going by what I see on a daily basis. There are so many standards and regulations that most businesses need to keep up with along with internal audits, CAPA, CI, etc... that the opportunities should be around for quite awhile - IMHO.



Working in "quality control" or as an auditor for your organization will teach you many important lessons that will aide you during a transition into other positions, companies and industries. Having an understanding of management systems, developing and maintaining them to meet customer requirements will strengthen your understanding of what makes a successful business and how they can be continually improved. The grass is always greener on the other side, but while you're on the side you're on, learn all you can and try to appreciate that the organization you're currently with has a developed management system that enables it to meet it's customers objectives. The management system basics can be carried across all industries and allows you to understand customer focus.

Best of luck to you!



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Would you say that experience in a quality field in one sector is often transferable into others? You often find automotive quality guys ending up in aviation sectors and vice versa. So basically experience in the Quality role you have could open doors into other sectors. That surely gives you more options should the current sector take a nose dive and jobs are on the line.

Mind you, you will have to make a decision at one point whether to stick or move on to a more techie software role. That is a decision you make and live with but quality is a good field to be in I think. I have to say that as I'm in it now!!


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One has to keep their goal in focus! Is this a stepping stone or is this a stepping stone that has replaced your goal??


Greetings to all coveites!

The last two months have been very torturous for me.I was ushered into quality-something less travelled. I didn?t know that time what was in store for me.I had been in a dilemma. Now with the right guidance from Great Gurus (Quality) like Wes Bucey,Glen,apled, ,TPMB4, it has been crystal clear for me. So I will stick to Quality and learn as much as I could.

I am really indebted to you guys and Marc (Are you reading?) for hosting such a wonderful forum where experts guide the right way and share their experiences with newbie like me. Let me tell you all one thing ,you have been rendering a yeomen?s service .Please keep up the good work! Thanks once again!

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