Any ISO 17025 Auditors Here?



Is anyone here currently auditing to ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 for registrars? I've got two clients being certified to ISO 9001 that work more as less as the same company with some shared personnel. One also calibrates inspection equipment, so they are going for 17025. I'm hoping to get the same auditor for all three audits and combine as much as possible. Both fall under the scope of inspection equipment and CMM programming.

I would prefer an affiliation with L-A-B since it will make it easier to cooridnate the 9001 and 17025. The registrars I have contacted so far have not been very responsive. Thought I might approach it from the auditor side and see if I can work backwards to the accrediation body. Also looking to get someone in Detroit.

Let me know if you (or someone you know) could handle the audit. Thanks,


Ryan Wilde


Bad news. According to ILAC and all of the other powers-that-be, it is a conflict of interest for an Accrediting Body for ISO 17025 to provide audits to ISO 900X. One Accrediting Body used to do it, but they were forced to stop, or else no one would sign their MRA, and any accreditation they provided would have been worthless pieces of paper.

Sorry for the bad news,



L-A-B lists several ISO registrars that perform 17025 audits. The audit is still technically conducted by L-A-B, but is managed by the registrar. There is a list at

Why would conducting 900x and 17025 audits be a conflict of interest?

M Greenaway


Dont know if it helps but for a company I worked for recently they had ISO9001 and ISO/IEC17025 certification performed by the same registration body, namely BSi.
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