Any other Weekend Racers?

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The car is a TQ Midget, it's powered by a Suzuki GSX-R 750. Car plus driver weighs 890 pounds. We race on tracks ranging in size from large ice hockey rinks (without the ice) up to 3/8 mile high bank ovals.


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That's cool. I don't race anymore but have done 1/4 mile dirt, and 1/4 & 1/8 mile drag (I was licensed to "A" Fuel in years past), as well as getting to pilot a couple Nascar rides around Las Vegas & Talledega.

Now I just watch Nascar and do car shows.


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Back in my younger days I did a lot of 1/4 mile drag racing. Like Randy, I did the "Richard Petty Driving Experience" 3 times at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. (Talledega was always on my bucket list, but I never made it. Now I'm too old and too fat to fit through that 15" by 36" window opening.)
While I was on the NASCAR track at Las Vegas, and being an ex drag racer, I had to keep telling myself, "At the end of the straight-a-way, turn left."


No racing, but did do a performance drive event at the Atlanta Motorsports Park last year. A 1/2 day event where we were able to drive an Audi RS& (~570 HP) and an Audi R8 V10+ (about 610HP). You can also put your own car on the track if it passes inspection.


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I did the Dale Jarett thing and piloted the cars, also I have a couple Teams that are clients so I've been at the wheel of a couple of their mounts as well at unspecified test locations;)


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In my much younger days before family and mortgages I spent way too much time and money tinkering with race cars with friends. Attached are my last 2 toys (apologies for the picture quality) that ran in a circuit/road racing category in Australia called "Sports Sedans". Basically as long as the car was a silhouette of the original body, under the skin you were only limited by your budget.


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