Any recommendations on canned ISO 9001 documentation?


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I read some posts that canned ISO 9001 is not advisable but one of my suppliers has no QMS in place and a canned system would help him start on a platform that they intend to fine tune based on their organizational needs.

Can you recommend some canned systems ?

Thank you !

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Re: Any recommendations on canned ISO 9001 documentation ?

When I was setting up our QMS I was hell bent on not using a canned form and it worked out great. I Googled companies that were similar to ours who were ISO certified. I found several that had their QMS online. I reviewed and cherry picked what I liked (style or phrasing) from each one and then created a QMS that fit my company.
It may seem like a lot of work but it was well worth it because in the end we already had a great company we just needed to document what we do.
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