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Any suggestions for ASQ CPGP (Certified Pharmaceutical GMP Professional) exam prep?


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I am planning to appear for the CPGP (Certified Pharmaceutical GMP Professional) exam in Dec 2015.

Does any one have suggestions / advice for me ?

Jen Kirley

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Re: Any suggestions for ASQ CPGP ?

For what it's worth, in the two times I have served on ASQ's exam editor board (not for this exam) - whether or not they meant it to, I noticed that most often the answers to the questions could be found in the ASQ Handbooks for that exam. I have also taken many ASQ certification exams over the years, and I have also found (as an exam taker) that the Handbooks were a more robust and reliable source for the open-book exams than any of the other listed reference materials.

I hope this helps!

sherif elsherbiny

Re: Any suggestions for ASQ CPGP (Certified Pharmaceutical GMP Professional) exam pre

please...Is this exam an open book exam?


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Re: Any suggestions for ASQ CPGP (Certified Pharmaceutical GMP Professional) exam pre

I cant speak in any way to that particular ASQ exam (CPGP) but based upon my and many friends'/coworkers' successful experiences on others (CQE, CRE, CSSBB, CMQ/OE) I would recomend the Quality Councill of Indiana (QCI) books as the prrimary reference to go to during the exam. They have an approprriate level of information and have a great index to help find things quickly during the exam; i'd estimate 95+% of questions are answered there for the people i know. It isnt super deep in explainations to learn the materiiall, but as a quick refresher during the exam or for a quick answer in practice its probably your best bet. I've also generally heard good things about the ASQ books but mainly as a way to learn the material rather than quickly reference during the exams.

The only real restrictions are that you arent supposed to bring questions/answers but if you arent really familiar with the book youll waste more time than its worth.

Good luck,

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