Anybody doing Balanced Scorecards?


Andy Bassett

I am blending a Balanced Scorecard into a companies ISO system, hoping to cover ISO 9000 section 8 at the same time.

The Internal Climate Survey and the Customer Satisfaction Survey are relatively easy to do because the scores were out of ten. On the same scorecard i would like to add the process measurements. Obviously these will not be out of ten, they could be anything.

Anybody any suggestions how Process Measurements could be blended into a Balanced Scorecard?
Does anybody have any software ie an Excel sheet already set-up where i just have to give in the data and a scorecard comes out?


Andy B
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David Mullins

The Balanced Scorecard translates a company's vision and strategy into a
coherent set of performance measures. The four perspectives of the scorecard-
-financial measures, customer knowledge, internal business processes, and
learning and growth--offer a balance between short-term and long-term
objectives, between outcomes desired and performance drivers of those
outcomes, and between hard objective measures and softer, more subjective
There is a balanced scorecard institute (what next?)


Andy Bassett

Hello David

Ploughed my way through the links, but didnt actually find an answer to the main question that i have at the moment, this is how are the process measurements incorporated onto a Balanced Scorecard when the actual statistics can vary so much ie from 1 to 1000.

Can anybody offer any experience in this area?


Andy B
Just came back from a "Supplier Partnership" seminar with Chrysler.
They are revising their supplier rating system and replacing it with the balanced scorecard. Improvement objectives, to reduce PPM, will be assigned to each supllier. The supllier will then be rated on their improvement performance. Key indicators will be the same as now plus some new ones that they come up with later on.
As we all know the present rating systems from the big 3 do not work and are not fair to many suppliers. Included in the balanced scorecard Chrysler will attempt to rate suppliers on the "complexity and critically" of the item by assigning a "weighting scale" to the process.
Efective 01/01/01.

Rick Goodson


Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) I am not a Chrysler supplier but very interested in what they are proposing. It sounds like they may be headed the right way. Can you share any more about the seminar?
Details are sketchy and will not know for certain until 01/01.
The plan is as follows:
1- Chrysler develops key indicators; quality,delivery,price,trchnology, etc.
2- Chrysler develops a weighting system, possibly based on commodity. As of yet undetermined.
3- Chrysler will establish a goal for improvement based on your previous rating.
Ex. your rating for 2000 is 50PPM then a goal of possibly 20% improvement for 2001 would be set.
How close you get to your goal would be your rating

Andy Bassett

Does anybody out their actually have a sample of a Balanced Scoredcard that they could send me.

Im interested to get together a few good ideas.


Andy B

Al Dyer


Could you send me a copy also?

Thanks in advance!


Al Dyer
Mngt. Rep.
JAE Tech Inc.
[email protected]

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